Discover what makes our watches cruelty free and find the perfect Vegan watch for Animal Loving Fashionistas!

Our Vegan Watches are made using entirely ethical materials free from all animal products and testing. Hurtig Lane watches are available in Vegan leather, Vegan Suede, Vegan Tweed, Nylon and Mesh

Why are watches not naturally Vegan?
Most watches available today are made using leather, and other animal derived products such as glue.  Leather made from animal skin is often used to create fashion items such as handbags, belts, watch straps and jackets. This industry is highly profitable and sadly many animals are killed for their skin. We love all animals and we believe that no animal should ever be harmed in the name of fashion or food! 


What is Vegan leather? 

Hurtig Lane watch straps are all made using recycled materials. Our Vegan Leather, Suede and Tweed collections are made using recycled polyurethane (PU) and cotton fibres. 

PU is completely breathable unlike PVC so your skin can breathe easy when you are wearing your Hurtig Lane watch.

PU is far less toxic to produce than PVC and is therefore much more environmentally friendly.

Read more Vegan Leather here.

We are proud to be cruelty free and all of our vegan leather straps are lovingly branded. 

vegan watch


Quality and long lasting 

Reputation is incredibly important to us. Our aim is to not only offer high end fashionable watches and accessories but products that wear well and last.  Our vegan leather straps are strong and durable.

Ethical from start to finish 

We believe that in order to be truly cruelty free our materials should be vegan, our manufacturing process ethical and we should always aim to be sustainable. We use recycled materials, and avoid plastic where possible. Our materials are sourced and manufactured ethically to bring you a vegan watch which is sustainable, ethical and cruelty free. 


vegan watch


A Hurtig Lane Vegan Watch packaged in our recycled cardboard gift box.


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