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At Hurtig Lane we love animals and therefore we don't wear them. we believe all life is equal and we don't have the right to use another living being for fashion. 
Lots of attention in the fashion world is focused on fur and the cruelty involved to produce fur items, very little focus falls on the leather industry which is no better.

It's often assumed that all leather is a bi product of the meat industry, apart from the fact that even if that was the case, we still wouldn't agree with it ethically, it's rarely the case.

Over 1 billion animals a year are slaughtered for their skin.

Often items using thinner leather such as watch straps and small accessories are produced in India, China and surrounding countries that have no animal welfare laws, because of this the origin of the leather can never be verified meaning you could be wearing the skin of one of the 2 million cats and dogs killed every year for their skin.​Even if your new shoes/bags/accessories were produced in the US or Italy, chances are that the materials used were sourced in India or China. 

Everything we offer is 100% vegan friendly, this means we only use stainless steel, nylon or synthetic vegan leather in all of our watches and accessories.

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