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An interview with the founder of Immaculate Vegan

An interview with the founder of Immaculate Vegan
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Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m the founder and CEO of Immaculate Vegan, which launched a few months ago. We’re an ethical and sustainable online store that brings together a sophisticated collection of slow fashion and contemporary lifestyle products from around 100 pioneering vegan brands from around the world, including the beautiful Hurtig Lane.

My background is in marketing and branding, and before launching Immaculate Vegan I had worked a Chief Marketing Officer for a number of large media organisations. I still work as a marketing and business strategy consultant part-time, which I try to juggle with Immaculate Vegan – not always easy!

I live in London, UK with my husband (who’s a yoga teacher and sports massage therapist) and our rescue greyhound Tippi. I love nature and outdoor activities, including running, gardening and hiking; I love reading (I’m an English Literature graduate and voracious reader); and I’m very partial to a nice glass of pinot noir!

Whether treating yourself or shopping for the perfect gift, it can be so difficult to be confident that your purchase is cruelty free. We love browsing through Immaculate Vegan- safe in the knowledge that all products are sustainable, vegan and of outstanding quality. What is the story behind your inspiration for Immaculate Vegan? 

I became vegetarian after adopting a greyhound from the Retired Greyhound Trust, and making the link between the pets we love and all animals; and then soon after that the penny finally dropped and I became vegan. But I initially found it hard to find really high quality and on trend vegan bags, shoes and accessories.  After a LOT of time on Instagram I finally found several gorgeous brands, but what struck me was that as a committed vegan it was still sometimes hard to find what I was looking for – and in all likelihood the average ‘conscious consumer’ who’s just looking to make some better choices wouldn’t find them.

Real, impactful change will only come from persuading the many, not the few, to choose more ethically and sustainably.

And I firmly believe that to achieve change on a large scale, the alternative needs to look more beautiful, more sexy, and more aspirational than the status quo. And it needs to be presented without judgement.

So I founded Immaculate Vegan to do that. Our mission is to help drive the shift to an ethical and sustainable lifestyle that optimises happiness and wellness, for the many not the few.

And we believe we can do this by changing the perception of the vegan lifestyle – from alternative to aspirational; and from limiting to transformational.



What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe right now and why? 

Ooh, I get everything I can from Immaculate Vegan and I love all our brands, so it’s hard to choose! I have these gorgeous trainers by Spanish sustainable brand BeFlamboyant – I am so impressed by their launch collection, they are super stylish and really comfy too. I love being cosy at home, so I adore my Mete lounge robe by Luks Linen, I also have several of their throws draped around the house and they’re perfect for snuggling under in the evening with a good book or Netflix.

And I’m currently lusting after the Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather SS20 shoe collection, they are such a great brand!

Small businesses need our support now more than ever, what ways can customers continue to support their favourite brands? 

We do all really need our customers to support us now more than ever – without large cash reserves, many ethical and sustainable businesses simply won’t weather the current storm without that help. Our advice would be:

  1. If you don't have a secure income and don't feel you should spend right now – please don't.
  2. If however you're financially secure and there are things you do need or want to buy, please consider buying from a small ethical and sustainable business. 

Not only are you actively helping us all in our mission to change the world in some way, you are also helping us through this most difficult of times.

3. If you aren't in a position to buy, there are lots of other ways you can support. If you've bought before, you can write a nice review which will help attract new customers – and put a smile on our faces in the meantime!

4. You can also act as an advocate in other ways, such as following on social media, sharing, liking and engaging with posts, and telling others. Word of mouth is hugely effective, often more so than traditional marketing or advertising.

The future may feel uncertain right now, but one thing that is sure, is that many are taking this time to reflect on the impact their decisions make on the planet that we live on. What positive changes would you like to see in the future? 

While these are very difficult times for everyone, when it passes (which it will) we believe there will be an increased awareness of, and demand for, sustainable products that take the welfare of people, animals and the planet seriously.

If anything good will come out of this, it will be that old manufacturing, trading and consumption habits, which disrespect the environment and our natural resources so much, will be questioned, and in many cases left behind.

We are all in our many different ways leading this change – retailers, brands and consumers – so let’s together make sure we use this situation to move with momentum to a better, fairer and more sustainable future.





Finally what is your favourite Hurtig Lane watch and why? 

I LOVE the variety of the Hurtig Lane collection, you have some gorgeous styles and colours. But my favourite is the Amalfi Petite Watch in Silver/Grey with a Green Strap – it’s so elegant, and that shade of green is so beautiful.

Annick's favourite watch

Follow Immaculate Vegan and explore their full collections online. 

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